Not be so shy
caves seem more comfy now

i say nothing. i want to talk, but my body doesnt allow it. i dunno what im doing here. writing seems like the only thing that helps me express myself. ive never done this b4 and i doubt anyone will read or comment this. i dont get this world


April here, there, everywhere.

I know exactly we’re you’re coming from. x.x I can’t talk either. Mainly because I’m an overanalyzer and that sometimes prevents me from verbalizing the things I want to say… and most of the time I just don’t know what to say.

I’m a writer, too. I like to express my emotions through poetry~ I stopped writing for a while, but ever since I started going back to school (I was homeschooled) I started to write again.

Bleh, I don’t quite understand the world either, but one day we all will. And I read your comment, sooo? :D


I want to:
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