wear a skirt without underwear
i love going without knickers

my first memory was when i was about 6 years old wearing my favourite red pleated skirt and one day i was climbing inside a hedge and ripped them so took them off and weekends i always went without.walking with dad, cycling everything.no one knew and no one cared.

my next memory was my first boyfriend and wearing a thin ankle skirt and taking my panties off at lunchtime and giving them to him as we worked in the same building.

i often go out for a walk or shopping or the pub and its my little secret, it makes me feel randy and makes me act so much more carefully and feminine! i love it.i do it to please me.i have trimmed my fur so that i feel extra naughty.if my knees are together no one can see anything and a girl cant get done for indecent exposure anyway…i dont think!!?


soo windy

friday is often my no panties day…i car share with another woman but she was off friday so i drove into work alone.

I wore boots and a pink skirt and jacket, white blouse lace bra and knickers.

finished work at 4pm and went to the loo and took my knickers off and folded my skirt over at the top until it was a mini skirt and put on my knee length coat and scarf and went shopping.
then drove to the cliff top car park and went and stood by the railings….it make me horny to feel the air blasting up my skirt.


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I wish...

I had been stood behind you! ;-) x


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