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three more bags

of trash and three more boxes of giveaways. The mudroom closet is cleared out and I have a clear and sorted desk.


karon strahan is going to take one step forward toward one goal every day!

wow… how amazing. i need to rid myself of the genetic predisposition to holding on to EVERYTHING! i come, however, from a family line who has a predecessor with a drawer labeled “string too short to use.” either way, the pain of separating from “things” should not exist so in a world where the spirit exists in the realm of the real to the touch, but does somehow. in closing, i haven’t rid myself yet of the addage, “there’s no such thing as trash,” and wanted you to know (as you sort and clean) that my address is …


my family tendency to keep stuff is nothing compared to this. sounds like at least your family string etc… is well organized! if you have some things that might prove useful to others, that can be a good way to start recirculating and releasing it.


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