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Well I bring this all up because Bllova is trying to paint Akasha as my devotee and it is not true, I disagree with his interest in these groups of wannabe vampires and PSI Vampires, it is just stupid concept I will not even try to disprove, as anyone who would humour the notion is beyond help.

However as I said before and he agrees, strict practices can produce these results, you have seen monks, yogis, Ninjas, etc.. with training superhuman things are possible and when it is only possible to become such, after convincing someone to show you how and extensive training you can see why it is not common knowledge, which explains the great vampire mystery.

Thou by birth is also possible, you have probably seen the 8-legged children, giants, dwarfs and other oddities and there is a host of genetic diseases that have very strange effects.
Obviously this is possible, even stranger things then vampires have existed.
But it is very rare, I mean how many women do you think are willing to birth a monster?
Really, show of hands? You will see it is not common.

As for changing it is impossible, if it was how?
A virus is the only way that makes sense.
However take AIDs billions have been spent trying to confine it and it is still know world wide,
people don’t need sex, but a “vampire” would need blood, so the concept of something,
potientally infecting people on a daily for thousands of years, but still being unheard of,
clearly loses all logical basis.
And magic does not exist.


I do not mind, talking or giving advice, etc…

I just prefer to know in advance what it is about, before someone that is just going to flood me with mail.

Idont thing Im gonna flood you.
But anyways, i just wanted to know the true about become… or isnt true people cant become….
I had read ur post i know u arent awilling to chang anybody, so, be calm, im not gonna ask u that…. i had notice ur behavior and way to see things…

I already emailed you.

As I said it depends how you look at it, vampires are not what people think of, heck most people can’t agree on what a vampire is, look at the movies, some burst into flames in the sun others turn to bats, some have no powers, everyone comes up with there own ideas, but technically you can become one.


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