Beat my depression (read all 4 entries…)
when will it be over

i don’t understand why im soo depressed, all this time i thought somehow i will wake up one morning and everything will be fine! since that has yet to happen .. i don’t know wat to do ..i recently turned 21 ..i don’t want to live like this anymore .. how do you overcome depression?? it is taking over my life
:-( ..



hey im sorry i took so long to respond!!!

its just i didn’t know wat to say, im soo shocked u offered to help.. at the same time … i wanna to make sure i am fully willing, but i don’t know if i am .. i don’t want to waste your time… im still kinda debating :-/

but just wanna thank u …. n let u know im still thinking abt it


No stress :-)

It is all sweet as, I will be helping Mo7, and you are welcome to join up if you want to. The big point being that there is absolutely nothing that I could do to help someone, if they are not actually commited, or wanting to change.

I will let you know how we get on also.

So the offer still stands, and I will be ready if you wanted it.



I want to:
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