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first day

Knowing I was gonna start healthy eating today I went to town on junk food last nite, and while my brain thinks im amazing my body literally hates me.

Started out with brekfast which is soo hard to do when ur usually in the habit of gulping air in the mornings, had staemed vegtables and fishfingers for luch and a cheese and tomato toastie for dinner.

have to say hope my taste buds change during this diet revamp, becos nothing i ate today excited me quite like the fried chicken and chips with chilli sauce last nite :/


Oh wow those are actually some really good ideas. I’m new to losing weight and I’ve seen too many miserable dieters to know It’s not for me! That why I’m opting for healthy eating instead, nd ur suggestion of healthy chips has definitely inspired me :)
Looks like I have some research to do!x


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