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A question

What does “being productive” mean to you?

I’ve thought about this on and off since I added this goal – one of the very first since I created this account – but I don’t have a clear idea of what it means. It’s as if one day I’ll arrive and ah, I’m productive now!

But what IS that?

I to hate the word productivity. I was bed bound for a long time and my dad (who took a hard line psychiatric view of ME) constantly told me, “Do something productive today, hmm? Don’t just laze about in bed as usual wasting your life.” (Or, alternatively, “You are such a disappointment. You are wasting your life, do something productive!”)

Perhaps I’m writing this here now because I have written the first entry in my recover myself from my illness goal (also one of the first to be added here) and because I’m currently working through this this of 10 things.

Being productive means that I have something to point to, that I have some graspable tangible thing to say these are the things I do. I don’t just lie in bed all day.
It is very much tied into creativity.
It means being able to answer the question, “So what do you do?” with some pride.
It means I’m not wasting my life (thanks, dad).

Ultimately, maybe that’s what this is about: feeling secure in myself and building my confidence. I have nearly taken this goal down a few times because it is vague, but then I imagine ticking it off and how good that will feel.

So, help me out…

What does being productive mean to you?


This may not be welcome,

but here’s what I think:

Productivity will be different for every person. Even for myself (just one person), productivity changes. At work, I know I’ve been productive when my voicemailbox is empty, and there’s nobody wondering why I’ve not shown up somewhere. : ) But at home, because I’m growing another person, napping on the couch in the middle of the afternoon isn’t nesessarily unproductive. Even though it looked like I was doing nothing, I was. I was resting. Which is more important to my body right now than packing up the spare room (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

Just because your father’s view of “being productive” is judgemental different from yours, doesn’t make him right. You have to do what your body needs, so you’ll be able to do the rest.

I agree

and I think part of the difficulty I have in figuring out where the balance is (aside from the obvious health juggling) is that I’ve had so many years of illness-shaming from my parents.

By the way, your comment was welcome, I’m not sure why you thought it wouldn’t be! :)


I don’t have a chronic illness (or any other kind, really), so I didn’t know if mine was quite the perspective you were hoping for. Haha.

And you’re another one (along with BSA up there), who ought to remind your parents that if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all. (Which is my polite way of saying that being sick is less a waste of a life than being mean is…)

Haha. Yeah, I’ve thought about writing about my family on here a few times but I don’t think I have the gall yet. It’s been intense.

Any perspective is welcome though, I wasn’t looking for a specific type. The bigger the range the better!


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