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What will you do…. When you have lost everything that ever ment some thing to you? How far…. can you go….. before you break? What will you do when you find out that nothing is yours?, that every thing can be taken away? Every thing u ever knew,ever own, ever loved is gone. Would you fall apart? Or stay toghter? When you think….. nothing ealse can be taken from you… There is all ways some thing ealse… How far can YOU go? What will make you break forever when no one can put u back toghter? Every thing can be taken. This I know. No mater how much we hate to admit it. It is the truth. No one ever said life would be a breze   


Scarlett Emo Sweetbriar How many times can I break 'till I shatter?

Um, its best to just discover it. But it you really want to know I can give you the answer.

Mabay it depends on what it is is it goon be some thing like were I die cause I all ready feel dead on the inside is me killing a loved one what I’d say to that is who the hell would love me but many pepole might like me after next week when I go to do a tv show then maby some one will pick me agin for there show then I might be known u know why the hell did I start talking about my acting job all of a suden I have to stop being so random

Scarlett Emo Sweetbriar How many times can I break 'till I shatter?

You will not die or anything. I thought I saw your future, where you writhed in pain until you died. Turns out it was a false prediction…

How nise what are you?


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