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Have you ever been in the midst of an otherwise

routine conversation with a friend you’re still learning about and had him disclose he’s been through an unspeakable tragedy?

What can you say? Is there anything to say beyond, “I’m sorry to hear that happened” ?





It’s been 7 years for me, and I’m definitely starting to find myself in the same place. Kevin’s best friend (and mine too) went through everything with me- and for years I clung to his friendship, even when we weren’t getting along, because we had this shared experience and I felt like I needed him. Over the past 6 months or so, we’ve been largely out of touch, and for the 1st time in that 7 years, I’m okay with that. I can be me without him, and without necessarily clinging to the way that my circumstances defined me. It’s quite liberating feeling like I can comfortably choose who I can be.

It still does come up quite often- but mostly in order for me to explain why I have very little recollection of my years in college. People think I’m nuts when I say “I didn’t really enjoy college, and come to think of it, I don’t really remember much of it.” haha.

It's wild

how many different stages there are to grief. It’s like a tree that keeps growing and shedding a different kind of leaf each season. It still amazes me the little things that will happen and how I’ll take them in stride, with the knowledge that earlier, they would have hit me hard.


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