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Day 1 of Testing The Placebo Effect (sorta) Pir? any ideas?

So, I was watching Disney’s The Suite Life On Deck, and they talked about the Placebo Effect, which made London believe she could do better. I wonder if we tricked our mind somehow into believing we already are mermaids/werewolves/whatever you’re trying to do, or if you repeatedly tell yourself soemthing it’ll eventually happen, I’m guessing you could also develop powers this way, if you believed enough in it. As well as telling yourself during mediation you are a mermaid or possess these powers or you can astral project you can m-shift you can p-shift. If you tell your mind that and eventually you’ll start to believe it. I’m hoping, I’m about to honestly get into this stuff deeper and I’m going to figure this out. This is day 1. Of The Placebo Effect


HaleyXRubes (MagicalBlood) Sittin with MagicalMight <3

I wouldn’t go that extreme, haha. And like on charmed where Piper thinks she’s a witch but doesn’t actually have her freezing power and gets hit by a car.


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