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A General Summary Interview

On the way up to this writers’ retreat, where I am right now (taking a break because the quietness of 30 people typing is putting me to sleep), my friend summarized a book she’s working on. Her entire rough draft is done, so she obviously knew where her characters were going, and she did disclose her ending, which is awesome, but it really got me thinking:

I need to get a summary going! I need to have a plan in front of my face. So far, I’ve been writing what really is good fiction by picking up my pen or opening my computer and saying to myself, “OK, go!”, but sometimes that doesn’t take me as far as I’d like. It certainly doesn’t “go!” very swiftly.

So after I worked on my book for a while this afternoon, I started summarizing by asking myself questions. I type the question and then answer it as if I was being interviewed by a book reviewer. It’s fun and I am feeling more cohesive already!


Josiphine "If the birds were mine, I'd tell you what I'd do..."

Go you! I do the same thing, :)


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