TrueFreedom “The deeper sorrow carves into you, the more joy you can contain"

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Overdue update...

Hey guys, I have been here very little recently and I am truly sorry for that. As you know, after someone who was like a mother to me died last month, my life has changed in drastic ways and I’ve been trying to adjust. You may not know this but soon after the funeral my own mother ended up in the hospital with serious health issues and it continues on. I am like a train that has gotten derailed but am trying to get back on track. I know that things will work out in time but in the meantime things are pretty rough. I have had some nasty temptations recently (probably stress related) and yet, I am still standing. It is easy to use grief as an excuse to fail and I did use it as an excuse to eat too much ice cream lol, but not for this thanks be to God! At last, I will be staying home more, now that things have emotionally stabilized a bit with the family of the person who died. I have missed all of you very much and regretfully, I am unable to post when I’m not staying at home. And yet at the same time I don’t know how encouraging it is to have a person who has so much heartache try to cheer you up. Yet, it seems like you guys have been really struggling recently and I just hope that I will still be able to give you some encouragement in some small way. I partially blame myself for being away so long even though I don’t know if my words really help anyone. Regardless, I feel bad that I have been gone so long and again, I am sorry. I’d like to especially thank Deathtodesire for checking in on me and Mark Elder who private messaged me frequently to see how I was doing and to encourage me. I cannot express how much that meant to me because I didn’t know if anyone would even really notice I was gone. It is because of these two people that I have decided to push passed the heartache and return sooner than I thought I could. God bless all of you and may He keep you in His strength…


sorry to hear about your mother

I hope she gets better. I can pray for her even if i don’t go to church.

TrueFreedom “The deeper sorrow carves into you, the more joy you can contain"

Thanks, I would really appreciate your prayers…

Your Welcome


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