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stop being shy (read all 3 entries…)

...scare me. I don’t know why. Even when I’m with people I’ve known for years, I’m still intimidated. It bugs me to no end, and I hope to complete this goal soon.


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Start with baby steps,

I had the same problem as well, going places and not talking to people anyway. I think mostly it was because I was out of my comfort zone, doing things I had no real interest in. So I just started doing things I liked. I went to a local coffee house were they had an open mic night, made some friends there and two of my ex boyfriends as well. Then I would go alone to places that I liked to be at (restaurants mostly) but I would make sure to sit at a counter bring a book or note pad, sometimes homework when I was still in school, lots of times people would come and ask what I was reading and so on, the key is to not shy away when people talk to you, try and keep up a convorsation. For example let’s say your reading a book and someone asks you what it is, tell them ask if they know the book or author ect. Compare and contrast, ask their opinion. Then move on from there… It can be really hard to start the conversation I still am struggling with it all honestly but always getting a bit better at it haha. What started out as a girl who had crippling social anxiety is now a woman going on blind dates and talking to strangers about David Sedaris! Let me know if this helps at all and if you gI’ve any of this a try! Best of luck! xx

TheDoctorGirl is going to get VERY busy.

In retrospect...

...that does seem to be the majority of my problem. When people start talking to me, I usually give them the shortest answer possible. Thanks for the advice! This will help me a ton! Thank you SO much!!

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No problem

I really hope this does help! The hardest part for me is just getting the convorsation rolling, but once I got that it isn’t so bad! Just go at a pace you’re comfortable with and have fun! Hope you complete this goal, crossing my fingers for you! :)


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