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ya know… we’ve all been on here a while, why don’t we get to know each other. The community is starting to return, have you noticed? lets keep it up guys!
ill start:

My name is shadow. I am 11 years old and if you underestimate me i will try to rip your throat out (just saying XP). I have had over 3 years of shifting experience, with the m shift and the p shift. i can tell you in detail how to do a shift, unless it is the on spot type p shift cuz i haven't gotten there yet. i am a gray wolf.

I live in north carolina in the US. My favorite color is black, my favorite band is evanescence, i am more of a tomboy than a real girl, i don’t really have too many friends with the exception of you guys. A lot of people call me goth, so i am goth apparently. Ive had my heart broken too many times to count, I’m somewhat double jointed, i am writing a book about a therian wolf pack, i love eggs over easy, and i have a craving for meat a lot of the time. Im gonna stop ranting now.

Hope you guys have a great day.



HaleyXRubes (MagicalBlood) Sittin with MagicalMight <3

I’ve been On here since 2006, 2010 on this account. My names Ruby, but you can call me Rubes, Ruby, MagicalBlood. And I’m about to be 16 At the end of August. Going into my junior year of high school. I write stories, have been studying witchcraft, shifting theories, and the lunar cycle since early 2007. I love steak, and tuna as well. :) They make me happy. I love lamb chops too. And will go AND get the deli meats out of the fridge and eat them. I too live in NC.! My totem/spirit animals are a falcon/hawk not exactly sure. And a big dark brown wolf.


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