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5:20 a.m. Monday morning

I’ve been up since 3:40 or so, which SUCKS, because I haven’t been up DOING anything, just lying awake wishing I were asleep. I’m going to go to the 6am meeting. Then try to be productive. Maybe I’ll take a nap later.


BEDROOM – Pretty much done. Just need to finish packing two last shelves of books, and some odds and ends. Maybe half an hour’s work?

OFFICE – Made a good start. Need to tackle the big bookshelf. PACKING BOOKS makes me want to give up and get a kindle. They are so heavy, and no two are the same shape. Why do I think I love these things?

KITCHEN / PANTRY – Haven’t started.

BATH – Not too much to do.

LIVING ROOM – Need to box up some art supplies and odds and ends.


jane keeps on trucking

Pluggin along

Thanks, Wren! :)

I’ll be impressed if, when the movers get here tomorrow morning, I’m actually ready for them. THEN I’ll be absolutely DELIGHTED with how I’ve gotten myself through the process!

There’s still a possibility that they’ll get here and I’ll have, like, half the apartment in chaos.

I’m just going to assume that today is going to go great! I do sort of wish I had someone to call for help. It’s making me feel a little sick now :( But, gotta keep pluggin! Just a little further to go. And a little further after that…

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