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Get rid of 43 household belongings (read all 19 entries…)
Big Purge this morning . . .

21. (4) Table Runners for the table and buffet I no longer have
22. (1) Pasta Machine thingy that I bought on ebay way back in 1999 and never used. I have toted it along with me through two moves since then
23. (1) Mini Juicer thing that I have never used to the best of my knowlege
24. (2) Farberware Percolators that I bought at yard sales on separate occasions (like one unsed percolator wasn’t enough so I bought a second one)
25. (1) Hand mixer. I haven’t used it since I bought my Kitchen Aid Mixer in 1999
26. (1) Box of unused table weights . . . cute, but never used them
27. (2) Lace Table Cloths for a table I no longer have
28. (1) Christmas table cloth for a table that I no longer have
29. (1) White linen table cloth for a table I no longer have
30. (2) Black table clothes for an oval table ( I haven’t had an oval table in about 20 years!!!
31. (1) set (metal) of which I think they are jello molds
32. (2) sets of spreaders (cheese I guess – obviously never used)
33. (1) Milk glass dish
34. (1) Milk glass vase
35. (1) really lame wall vase thingy that I got free with purchase from some mail ordert place that I have never used . . . because it is lame!
36. (1) Lame vase thingy that I saw at Michael’s and (WTF) thought it was “cute”
37. (7) Lace doilies (a phase I went through)
38. (1) Top Chef video game (super stupid game)
39. (1) Tupperware pastry rolling sheet thingy that is so annoying
40. (1) Partial used box of partylite candles that I will never use (do they still have partylite parties?)

I am SO close to finishing this goal!!!


That would be a great question to pose here

Does anyone here know where they put their H.S. diploma? I don’t. I know I’ve come across it a time or two over the years while looking for something else but if I had to put my hands on it tonight I’d be at a loss.

(This comment was deleted.)

Adar What?

No idea where mine is.

I had to phone the high school to get a transcript when I applied to rabbinical school. Since it was a Catholic high school, and last they heard, I was Catholic, that was an interesting conversation.


I want to:
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