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a little challenge goes a long way~~

hi;) so lately i’ve been treating myself to a CHALLENGE~i’m not a competitive person what so ever but feel good discipline is always a plus for motivation & bringing more inspiration into your life… so everyday after i get myself & my darling little one ready for our wonderful day i look around our house & find creative & of course fun things to do i’m a firm believer in UPCYCLING folks…breathing life into something that was old & forgotten can make anyone feel really good & purposeful so within this challenge i found myself painting baby jars/regular ol glass jars & afterwards placing candles into them can make them super PRETTY and decorative!! i’ve used ol cardboard from cereal boxes to pizza boxes to whatever, i gesso it/paint it & add a lil sparkle of magic & it becomes a painting..i’ve collaged old pictures that are just sitting in photo boxes waiting to be on display…i’ve made jewelry & friendship bracelets from rope & outdated t-shirts & actually cutting up my old t-shirts for a new style to be worn!! & saving $ is always a plus! i’ve even found old wire and made a shiny & pretty wind chime for our beautiful sycamore tree~this challenge has allowed me to break some rules & step out of my box to feel & see the world i live in a bit differently… feeding ones prespective is a beautiful part of life & also sharing what you love & the experiences gained from them are always uplifting so to you whomever reading this.. maybe there is something that has been tucked in the back of your head that you’ve been waiting or wanting to do? well have a fun challenge yourself & just do it! no limitations!! you’ll be AMAZED at the things you can really do!! & for whats its worth i’ve learned that the more you release your soul & passion into the world, more exciting & positive things will flow right back at cha!! this is the attitude i’ve had for the past month & i’ve been breathing & living my true hearts desire, doing things that make me the most happiest is more than words can express =] ...i think this is a step in the right direction for selling my art someday! . i leave you with a favorite quote of mine…love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art! Konstantin Stanislavsky =] have fun being being creative!!*


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I do -

like it!
Do you have more pictures of your art posted?
I would like to see more of them!


swingme2bali you got the cool, you got the cool shoe shine ahdadaydodeebop!


i’m working on an art blog, actually taking longer than expected, i’ll have to send a link out whenever its done & ready to be viewed, i’ll have really neat DIY projects & my art on display then. it feels wonderful to have someone of interest, look forward to sharing more along the way =] btw: posted above is a piece i did back in 2009 before my daughter arrived~~~

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swingme2bali you got the cool, you got the cool shoe shine ahdadaydodeebop!


actually this piece was inspired by swirls & spirals & in dedication to my daugther whom i was pregnant with while making this…i felt a strong connection to make spiral art for her considering in celtic art/symbolism it stood for creation of life. the blue & silvers represent riding the calm waves of life in lighthaving everything reflected back from the “spiral of life” positive for her & for me while carry herbut i find that rather neat how it could be a van gogh inspiration piece…he has always been favorite too __ thank you checking out my artwork, i’ll keep sharing & spreading more to come!
the “wheel of thought” picture piece above is a favorite from my spiral art collection~~hope you like*

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