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Lost eyelash

You know that eyelashes fall out regularly, right? Mostly unnoticed.
In your life time how many eyelashes do you think you’ve dropped into your plate of food and eaten?


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Oh well.

I was at a quiz one night, one of the questions was about which hairs never go grey. Guess the quizmaster was badly informed.

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красивейшая Богиня ♥ L’émeu - I long lost my ping at sea ♥

Oh no!

For a few days now when I look in the mirror I keep seeing a blond eyelash. My hair is mid brown. I kept thinking it must be bleached by the sun. But then I realised: “Hey, what sun?”

Damn it. It’s a white eyelash. Already! It’s small but certainly stands out.

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Donna razzle dazzle

I Have One

In the lashes above my right eye. Have had it for quite some time. Sometimes I notice it has shed (but yes, where did it go? Eww. I think it fell out when I washed my face and went properly into the drain with the suds.) And then it regrows in its “hey, here I am again” blond, white, gray, silver, whatever…it’s not the dark brown or black like the rest of my lashes.

My sister has one, too. Funny that we compared notes about that several years ago.

Good thing for mascara. And the rest have stayed their original color, so it’s not necessarily a sign of more to come…unless I just haven’t reached that yet. (...foreboding music…)


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