Taz 2014 is a year of doing

Try 10 different recipes in my slow cooker (read all 5 entries…)
4. A whole chicken

I picked up a whole chicken on sale at the supermarket but had no room in my freezer so I thought I’d see what happened if I threw it in the slow cooker with a few bits of veg and a stock. The chicken surrendered, that is the bones fell out and we were left with delicious moist chicken meat, veg and gravy. :)


Flangerella-roo is looking at her goals

I know I have frois grais cos my bloods told me so

I was feeling a bit under the weather and asked if theyd do an mot on me, did a full blood screen bp etc, came back I have abnormal liver enzyme levels or something, they want me to come back b4 Xmas to check again. They said being over weight can lead to a fatty liver :-(

Taz 2014 is a year of doing

That probably

means I’ve got one then – everything else is fatty so why not my liver too! Plus I’m waiting on getting my gall bladder removed. Gawd shoot me now :(


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