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We have a butter crisis in Norway.

I really wish I was kidding. But I’m not. We’re at the point where the country is no longer able to produce enough high fat butter with animal protein, for all the lowcarb people. There is now a public outcry about the possible disaster of a butter shortage for christmas. It’s absurd! There is of course more than enough butter to go around, but that’s the kind made from plant oils, and that’s not what the low carb people want.

Of course, I understand that some people should be on low carb diets for medical reasons. And if someone is morbidly obese, hasn’t been able to follow any other diet but suddenly finds themselves sticking to it and losing weight on a low carb diet, they should probably stick to it. But the country is now full of people who are either normal weight or needs to lose just a few pounds, who fanatically avoid carbs and eat animals and animal fat at a ridiculous speed.

I find it seriously depressing. The absurd increase in demand for cheap meat (which was bad to begin with, before the whole low carb thing)is an absolute disaster for animal welfare. Millions of animals have to die to produce the extra meat, in addition to all the meat aldready consumed. And costs have to be kept down, which spells disaster for animals. Plus, it’s simply in no way sustainable. People need to eat a lot less meat, not more, for our environment to stand a chance.
Not to mention that the whole thing is starting to look like a gigantic experiment. We don’t know the long term effects of such an extreme diet on people’s health.

Even Fedon Lindberg, who used to be the low carb guru around here, is now saying that the whole thing is getting out of hand. He says people should definitely stay away from sugar and white flour, but plants are healthy and carbs should be eaten, one simply should stay with the healthy kind of carbs, like whole grains rather than white bread and pasta.

I have to say, I find the whole thing absurd and depressing.


Zanna Campanula of the revolutionary trousers

thinking about it

one of my etsy kiva! ladies has cows. “She hopes to be the major supplier of milk for the local dairy plant.” ha, clearly she needs to enter the Norwegian market and make lots and lots of money.

right, but i so do not understand this high carb thing. surely there are no carbs in butter? 80% fat plus, um, watery stuff, oder? surely it would make more sense to put potatoes on your bread? that would be high carb. oh, and potato pizza. that’s what they should all be eating. seriously, what is the rationale for eating loads of (animal) fat on a “high carb” diet?

am going to look at cows on e-bay now.

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.


..they’re on a low-carb diet.

Zanna Campanula of the revolutionary trousers


that’s hilarious. brain was clearly on, um, another planet entirely.

OR: these totalitarian regimes, i can never tell them apart.

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.

I know, I got totally confused.

You were even talking about low-carbing just a little above it in the thread, it was like your brain was working inside out or something.


your brain is suffering from a severe case of butter-deficiency. That can cause you to do weird things, like talk of potatoes and high carb diets, or worse, it can make you want to eat vegetables. Luckily, it’s easily cured, just eat a pound of butter immediately.

Did I say high-carb?

If so, I meant low carb. Otherwise it would make even less sense, yes. ;)
Although just wait, in a week or two, someone will come along and say that people should eat potatoes on bread and nothing else, and people will thrown themselves on the new trend. But that would be good for the planet and for animals, so when that happens, I won’t ridicule them at all.
But until that happens, the idea is, apparently, to eat fat, coming from animals, and very little else. Clearly a diet packed with variety and nutrition.

Zanna Campanula of the revolutionary trousers

nah, i'm just

completely thick. no idea what i was thinking. was trying to be as mad as the butter eaters, perhaps. oh, yes, i can’t wait for the potato pizza rebound. i love potato pizza. with rosemary and the occasional black olive. delish.

hm, thinking about it, the rosemary is probably too healthy and therefore bad for you. so ditch that. and the olive contains fat, ditto. nothing but potato pizza, pasta sandwiches and rice on toast for me from now on.


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