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The emu's got bad attitude...

Ok, here goes. I almost can’t be bothered to talk about it, as my attitude’s so lame that i don’t even see it as my problem.

He’s been a friend for about 5 or 6 weeks now. I see him no more than once a week. We do text a lot and talk on the phone quite a fair amount. (Once every other day for about 5 mins.)

All sounds normal… but!!!
He’s come to consider me as his girlfriend. it’s almost annoying. no, damn it. I can’t be bothered to talk or see him anymore as I find him way too annoying. Talking about him is tedious too.

We’ve never held hands, kissed or anything. I’ve not shown him any signs of affection, yet he tries to imply I’m his girlfriend. (To be fair though, in the first 2 weeks of friendship I was trying to see if I did like him or not, and whether he would make a decent boyfriend or not. But I was very clear that we were just friends.)

Last time we met up was on saturday evening. In a busy bar to get to the other side he said “do you want to hold my hand?”
Jeez!!! If you’ve got to ask something like that, well then the answer is obviously “No”!
(That was actually my reply. I just said “no”.)

I can’t stand it when people try get close. I hate it. The only closeness I can ever cope with is a boyfriend. anything else I don’t want to see them or speak to them on the phone, let alone have to see them, more than once a week.

Mr.B so annoys me. for so many reasons, which are all way too annoying to havew to go into and describe. (Please don’t ask me to expand further as I’ll just be especially offensive to you. thanks.)

Anyway, ramble almost over. He is cringe making and I don’t want to bother with him. I had a missed call from him yesterday. I only replied a few hrs later, with a text as such:
“The French chef I told you about is in London on Wednesday afternoon, so I won’t be able to go to your Xmas party. Thanks for the invite though.
Hope Bristol was good.”

Grr… I’d already told him on saturday that chances are I’d not be able to make it to his xmas party. (I am actually free on Wednesday night, but I just couldn’t stand the idea of spending more time with him.)

Again today he’s rang. Another missed call.
Can I just ignore it and reply to a text or call tomorrow? How the hell do I get him out of my life?
Men can be ruthless, tactless and just tell you to sod off and leave them alone. Dare I do the same? I feel guilty just cold shouldering him, but that way maybe he’ll get the message? if i speak to him on the phone it might only encourage him. grrr. i don’t want a stalker, but i worry this might be going that way. (He is weird. remember he already thinks I’m his girlfriend.)

Only my Blackkitty’s allowed to stalk me.

What might work is telling Mr.B that I am back with my ex. This way he’ll understand why I don’t even want to be friends with him. (Morals and all that.) Plus he’ll realise that I’m serious, and hopefully my ex might deter him from ‘stalking’ or hassling me further.

My ex leaves the UK in about 3 weeks, but I won’t mention that to Mr.B.


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No, no!

I wasn’t upset with you!

I was a bit worried you were upset with me…!

; ) Mutual Admiration


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