Agent 99 you gotta be fresh.

Start dating again in March! (read all 9 entries…)
Oh god! Do I really have a love goal? Yes I do.


Ok, February 11th it’ll be one full year since I ended it with the ex. For better or for worse.

And I’ve just been shell shocked and not feeling great about this.

But I need to get over it.

So on February 1st I will sign up for OK Cupid. Or something like that. And I will force myself to at least go out for coffee with some guy because it will probably be nice and I don’t think I need to be Mopey McSadPants for the rest if the year.


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Agent 99 you gotta be fresh.

I see no stigma in online dating

I think I’m a wee bit scared of rejection and so a little antsy about diving in, but I know I’ll get over it one I’m actually out and about meeting people.

I’m so happy you’ve found a good fella! <3


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