stop pulling my hair (read all 50 entries…)
day one tomorrow!

Hello everyone :) how are you all doing? I am going to restart the pf pursuit tomorrow and want to be 27 days pullfree at the end of December. I was wearing bracelets for each day that I was pf for awhile and that really helped to give me a visual of my progress. I might do that starting tuesday if im pf monday.
I will record each day that I am pf and what I did to control the habit. good luck everyone! we can beat this!


Live. Laugh. Love. Happy New Year!

Have any tips for not pulling? I’ve been pulling since I was a year old (!) and I’d love to be rid of this habit.

some tips

- keep hair clean, the urge to pull is greater if its greasy.
- wear a headband or bandana over hair
- wear bracelets for every day pullfree
- get a stress ball to squeeze instead of pulling
- take up knitting or crochet to do while watching tv to keep your hands busy (or any other hobby that keeps your hands away from your hair during times of boredom.)
- find other stress outlets.

hope these help!
good luck :)


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