Live. Laugh. Love. Happy New Year!

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RIP Mulrey 2006-2012

I woke up today to find out Mulrey had passed away. I’m not sure when it happened; it was sometime this morning.

RIP babes, I’m sorry your last moments in this world were a painful one.


Joe Mayer is depressed that the U.S. has set itself up to become a police state.

I'm sorry.

My mom and I cried when we had to put her Boston terrier down years ago. She said that maybe we just weren’t meant to have pets, if we were going to cry every time we lost one. I told her that if you couldn’t get so attached that you cried over them, then you weren’t meant to have pets.

I’m sorry for your loss. Keep Mulrey in your heart.

Live. Laugh. Love. Happy New Year!

That’s true. I’m sorry about your Boston Terrier. Thanks.


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