be happy

I’ve been thinking about this goal for a few days and I’ve heard a lot of “happiness comes from within” kinda stuff lately, so I figured I’d put it on top of my list to see what happens. This is not easy for me at all. My grandpa got ill over the summer and died a couple of months later. My parents are getting divorced. Uni and therapy are making me emotionally exhausted. I know both of them are good for me on the long run, lol, but still.


Hey, JF. Thank you for your comment. I’m having psychotherapy sessions once or twice a month for now, but mostly I’m trying to work on these issues by myself. I keep a diary, try to exercise and eat right, make an effort to have a laugh whenever possible. I was crying non-stop just a few weeks ago and I don’t feel the need to cry that often anymore, so I guess I’m feeling a little better overall. I’m not where I want to be emotionally speaking but I think I’m getting there. Thanks again. Best wishes for you too.


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