Gypsy is not really around much anymore...

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New make up

Oh yes… lots and lots of new, rather expensive make up and make up brushes!

My amazingly generous husband treated me for my birthday and I have to say – for someone who has never spent much on make up I feel incredibly decadent and goddess-like with all my new pretty play things!

I’m the proud new owner of primer, foundation, powder, blush/ bronzer, gel eye liner, mascara and lip gloss plus 14 make up brushes for various uses, a gorgeous make up bag and a book called Forever Flawless all from Napoleon Perdis. On top of that, I also received a 2 hour ‘Make Up Shake Up’ lesson (which I have booked for next Friday) and a $100 credit to spend on products when I go back! I’m thinking concealer and eye shadow!!

So, apart from feeling loved and adored by my husband (which makes me feel like a goddess) I now feel very girly experimenting with all my new girly stuff!!!



Gypsy is not really around much anymore...

Love a bit of cloak and dagger!

Hahaha! I’ve tried to find your ‘sock puppet’ account to no avail! There are several options for your shortened name!!! Could you maybe friend me from that account and then once invited… I’ll unfriend you? Sorry to be a pain!

Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.


No bother at all. Just off to Zumba so I’ll add you when I get back if you’ve added me xx

Gypsy is not really around much anymore...

Thanks luv!


Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.

You’re in! I’ll unfriend you now. Nothing personal. Quite surprised you couldn’t find me, I’ve had friend requests on my new account from existing friends who saw me pop up in the “suggested friends” thingy and must have thought I’d unfriended them.

Gypsy is not really around much anymore...


Now it’s popping up – but before, all I could find were people of the same name, but with either no photo or cartoon photos! Hahaha! :-)


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