Sebebobo1 Far 3x Aud 2x Reg 1x BEC 1X ALL DONE! :)

Pass the CPA exam (read all 38 entries…)
So much money

I got my fingerprinting done in CA, live scans for 70 bux, that’s crazy. Another 250 for the cpa application and ethics exam still left…..seriously, this cpa exam has burned a hole in my pocket and my bank acct :(


aggieskala I am done!!!

Yes, PETHA is the ethics materials. Make sure you get it from CalCPA website. Even though it is open book, it is a tough one.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for your sign off, hope they sign it.

I sent out my documents yesterday, I hope it won’t take long to get the license.


I want to:
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