BlackSwan90 At the end of this road I might catch a glimpse of me

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I think I may have found a religion I fit under: Unitarian. There is a congregation in my town, which I didn’t expect. I’ve done some reading, and I like the sound of Unitarianism, the congregation sounds nice but I have never been to any kind of religious service before, I keep picturing myself sitting there surrounded by people decades older than me, fidgeting and nervous and mousey quiet hoping I won’t have to say anything.


I just don’t know.



I’ve thought about going to a Unitarian Congregation before too. I really like their positive values and openness. I have the same worry as you, too! I think it might still be worth a try. I wanted to go to the Unitarian Church in the town I lived in before and I looked up the church here but I didn’t like their website… haha, that might be a very lame snap judgement to have made but it turned me off from wanting to go there.

BlackSwan90 At the end of this road I might catch a glimpse of me

Yeah same

On the website the pictures all show people in their fifties =s I think I’d be uncomfortable if I was the only twenty-something there! I don’t know if that’s shallow but I’d be much happier with varied ages…..


you could always bring a friend!


I want to:
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