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Freshly_Picked Praying...

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :)
What do people actually do in their time?

Besides working, cooking, sleeping and eating. What do people actually do in their time??? Also, besides volunteering.

What is the daily life like in your shoes? Daily step and walk. Weekly walk in your life like?? What do you actually enjoy about it or not enjoy or is it all contentment.


gottawonder Loves her tortoise!


I’m not working much right now, so that changes things. Normally I’d be working part time. Also, my mare has had problems with laminitis, so I am more involved in caring for her, and that changes my routine.

I almost don’t have a real routine that involves the outside world, and that’s not great, long-term.

I get up, and I go do chores. That means throwing hay to the goats and the horses, and hauling buckets of water. I do have an automatic waterer for the horses, but the mare is too sore to walk to it, so I take her buckets.

Then I often chop and haul into the house four or five arm loads of wood.

Then, I do some cleaning, or maintainance things.

I make sure the mare’s got food and water again, maybe go for a walk with the dog if it’s nice.

I usually watch a movie, read, and work on some of my crafts in the evening. I often do some yoga too. I spend some time on the computer. I usually talk to my husband every night, when he’s at work.

Then I do chores again before bed. If it’s nice out, I spend some time just sitting with the horses and gazing at the night sky. It’s lovely.

I go do a major day of grocery shopping and errands about once a week, I clean for my neighbour once a week, and I go to riding lessons once a week.

Not terribly exciting. Mostly, I find this to be a content, peaceful way to live. I am pretty bored being alone so much, and I would like either a job, or something outside our home to keep me involved mentally.

Not terribly exciting???

The grass is always greener on the other side, huh?? ;-)

Because from my eyes, man would I love to spend some months (years?) in your shoes? All the daily chores involving the animals and chopping wood and all that… just sounds divine to be. And pretty damn exciting for a city girl!!! :)

Wanna do some life swapping? ;-)

I truly wish we could do that sometimes… like those reality shows where they swap wives… But for our own sake, you know? To realise what we do have and expand our horizons and maybe discover a life we wouldn’t have thought of by ourselves? It would be very healthy and enriching, I’m sure…

gottawonder Loves her tortoise!


is in the eye of the beholder.

I maybe don’t find my daily routine to be exciting or novel, but I do love being here. I find my own grass to be very green and very rewarding.

I don’t want to trade my life to live in the city, I’ve done that, and all I did was miss the country (I grew up on a farm). I get in to town once a week or so, and into a bigger city every couple of weeks. That’s about all I need.

What I suppose I would like, is something to do like a job (I was a librarian, loved it, but had to quit) that is meaningful, or just more social contact, or something.

I just spend so much time by myself that I go nuts. I miss having close friends.

If I had close friends, I would like to do crafts together, or they could come here and chop wood with me or hang out with the goats!

If we were friends, you would totally be welcome to come here. We’d have a campfire out under the stars, or go canoing. I often have camp fires and just sit and listen to the coyotes.

I don’t take my life here for granted at all. We worked very hard to get the money for an acreage, and we put in a lot of effort to maintain it.

I don’t really want to change my life, maybe just enhance it.

I do a lot of great country things, like I have a big garden, and I often get to see wildlife. I have seen moose often, there are foxes that I see right in my yard, tons of birds, and on two very memorable occasions, there was a wolverine literally on my doorstep.

Well, then,

your grass looks greener than mine ;-)

I dream of this country life you describe, and often wonder if I should make the change. But I did try it for a period, and missed the city terribly… but I very well might do it one day :) Just not now, so until then, allow me to drool over your life ;-)

I get missing social contacts and close friends… although I see people every day and have a few close friends around, and none f them care the slightest about my crafty stuff ;-)

But if we were friends, I’d be delighted to do crafts together and make a campfire with you… and I’d always insist you use me as an animal-sitter whenever you’re away from town! :)

gottawonder Loves her tortoise!


you could just start looking for friends who live in the country, and spend weekends with them!

Oorrr, you could look for a place in the country that was within a comfortable drive of your city.

We live about an hour away from a major city, and half an hour away from two smaller cities (in different directions).

You don’t get in every day, but that’s not the point, is it?

It’s funny how some people think that’s a long distance to drive to get to a city, but they spend that much time getting to work every day!

Freshly_Picked Praying...

Hauling buckets is fun!!

You do alot of stuff in a day and week of your life. Taking care of horses and hauling buckets of water sounds fun to do. You stay in good shape at the same time. Yoga is something I always wanted to do but no idea how to start doing it by myself. At home etc not sure. I need to start getting in shape more. I would love to haul buckets for animals and take care of animals etc.

Riding lessons sounds very fun to and is a good thing for a person posture etc. Your life does sound exciting!!

You have a husband too… I know how it feels being alone so much. I do not have a husband though nor animals to take care of etc.

gottawonder Loves her tortoise!

Hauling buckets

isn’t too bad. It does keep me in good shape!

What is also lots of fun is going to cut wood with my husband. We take the truck and the chainsaw, and cut wood either in one of our neighbour’s pastures, or just from fallen trees on the side of the road (the trees are considered public property, and anyone can cut them for personal use). We burn three or four truck loads every winter.

What’s kind of ironic, is that I was in better shape when I lived in a city, because I didn’t have a car, so I biked and walked everywhere, and I was a janitor, and I lifted weights. I was built like a female gladiator! Not kidding!

The riding lessons are probably the highlight of my week. I am learning dressage basics (really basic) and riding in an indoor arena (cosy in the winter). It’s also social, because of the other people who ride there. We all have horses in common, lots to talk about.

I used to ride all the time, but after a fall about two years ago, my confidence is very low. I really want to build myself back up to trail riding.

My husband and I do lots of things when he’s home. He often works on construction jobs (he’s assistant to the project manager, so quasi office job, but at the site) that take him away for weeks at a time. I often go stir crazy.

Yoga comes in many different levels. If you want to try it at home, all you really need is a mat and the space. There are lots of beginner videos out there, and even lots of good stuff on Youtube. The only thing that can be tough, is to figure out whether your form is correct. That’s where a teacher would be nice.

Everyone here at 43 things keeps saying how they’d love to hang out with me. Too bad we all don’t know each other better in real life (would it be the same?).


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