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I bought the dress!

After looking a few times, I found a dress I love. In many ways, it wasn’t what I thought I was looking for and I now need to change how I’m envisioning my attire for the wedding – but compared to everything else, I love it and it suits me. I’m a bit surprised because it’s strapless, it’s ivory lace, it’s beaded all over, it has a small train… all things I thought I didn’t want. But it’s simple and elegant, it looks great on me, and I feel like myself in it. I paid a little more than I was hoping to but stayed within my budget. I feel a bit weird about “buying into the industry” in a sense and getting an overpriced dress made in China. I’ll try to get socially responsible shoes. :)

The wedding dress thing is so weird… I had to admit that I wanted a regular gown, even though things bugged me about it… Now I’m confused about issues of alterations and preservation of the dress. I can’t decide what to do with the dress after the wedding. It seems dumb to keep it, and I’m not sure about the expense of having it preserved. It seems like a scam. Ditto costs to have a gown cleaned, if I want to sell it for ex. Maybe there’s somewhere I can donate it where someone in need can enjoy it.

Here is the catalog picture of the dress. Sorry no pictures of me in the dress are being shared publicly at this time. :)


This is lovely!

Great choice!

I know there’s an organization you can donate dresses to that sells the gowns affordably, and all the profits go to fulfilling breast cancer patients’ wishes, and I believe there are likely other organizations with different causes that do the same thing.

dragonfly35 April is here!


I think I found them on Google. That seems like a great option for dress donation. :)


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