Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

lose the weight i need to lose and keep it off (read all 21 entries…)
Loss & Gain :(

I managed to lose 0.5 kilo and gain it right back this week :-(
Not quite sure how this happened – too much stress or coffee or is it that I did not exercise much this week?
Hm. Feeling rather low.



You have...

... my sympathies – I’m in the same situation. It does feel depressing when you end up gaining weight back :(

What kind of diet are you following? Exercise can help with weight loss, but diet is the primary factor. The other issue with exercise is that when you do exercise, you may actually be replacing fat with muscle, which is denser and put on weight, so that can be misleading.

I know it’s not great seeing your weight creep up again, but if you’re watching it every day, it will fluctuate. Perhaps checking less regularly, or using a weighted average of the last few days might help?

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Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

Thank you so much

For being so kind!
It’s really rather depressing to see a weight gain – but I don’t think it’s my exercise, I only had one yoga class this week.

Perhaps it’s really not that healthy to check my weight every day – if I see a loss I tend to give myself permission to eat more or have treats – and then I gain and give up :(
But not this time!

I hope it’s going better for you and it’s all muscle!


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