have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 3 entries…)

About the spell is it more of a ritual than a spell? And we need to go over exactly we need to cast the circle


Would an alter be okay to have near the circle represent Nyx?

Sunset is always hoping to find home


Though if you are having a Nyx altar, its probably best to have it INSIDE the circle, so you can honour her during the ritual. Cant leave the circle remember!!
What are you putting on it? a picture or something?
Also if you have an altar, you can represent the elements there instead of on the circle line.

Just anything I have to represent her, Are we going to have specifically what we want to say, or no? And I don’t have cake or anything to offer…

Sunset is always hoping to find home


To start with, i dont have any food yet either, but in the past my friends and i have raided the fridge. My all time low was sharing a glass of water and a dried apple. Its what you can get more then how good it is.
I dont know what to specifically say. do you have any ideas?

Well if I’ve learnedly anything about spells you need to be specific. We tell her exactly what we want. Of course thank her for her time and such, is that all? Of course we’ll have woke fill in the blanks because we all want to look differen’t when we do this, btw does ice/water sound like me?


I want to:
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