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Ever get that feeling, like you KNOW what’s going on in someone’s head?

This guy has a really big crush on me, and I try not to lead him on. But even if I say something like a simple “hi!” I can feel his spirits raise and his hope goes up. If I ignore him, I feel devastation from him. I don’t know if it might just be me being stupid, but I swear… o.O


My wish bracelet fell off today… it wasn’t even on THAT LONG. I really hope my wings do come super soon, but I am doubting it. I also had a dream that I had wings, but its super hazy. I need to practice more with seeing the future type stuff. My back has been hurting crazily, and I can move a new muscle in my back.

RQD: What would you do if your wings came out during a presentation or at a competition? (ex: during a play, during a math competition, when presenting a group project…)


SkyBird Winged Things are crashing down all around me! Why?

If I were on stage or something, I would basically run off stage and into the bathroom. XD


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