have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 3 entries…)
My experience

Basically in 10-20 minutes this is what happened. I hoped in my circle and opened up the window (not all the way so I didn’t get heat out it’s chilly, but worth it.) I focused on the elements I felt easch item around my circle a couple of times.I closed my eyes tighter and and td Nyx what I wanted (drunked half the water offered to Nyx like you suggested, Armen)while focusing on the night, I didn’t see but after foucsing I heard her say “My honorary daughter” and I also saw my Nyx vision where she was holding a baby in a long white gown ( I told you about this Armen) beautifulest five second vision ever. I could feel the air circulating in my
hinds I took it and tossed it in the night. Felt the water and all. the elements again and my mind said “I’m done”. I think when I threw the air it made new for my soul element water. And the vision symbols me and Nyx’s relationship. Hope I wasn’t to quick if you think, so I could do a long time medit tommorrow.


Sunset is always hoping to find home

no! i havent got a name! im tempted by sunset, but i dont want to be ending….
its just not right. so confused! :O
Guess there is always the name Phoenix… i need help!

Sunset, is good I mean I wouldn’t mind calling you that. Same goes for Phoenix. Maybe combine the like Sunset Phoenix or Phoenix Sunset ;)

Sunset is always hoping to find home

It feels strange… like im accepting the limitations upon me in this incarnation. Sunset Phoenix… That would be the dying bird just before life.

It sounds so you..

Sunset is always hoping to find home

What, the unwilling to be limited to the sunset bit? XD
haha, would suit if im wandering the twilight forever. :((


I want to:
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