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Yellow Speed Signs

So at a couple of different places along my commute I’ll pass a yellow diamond sign, usually a cross street or curved road warning, with a speed listed below which was also on a yellow sign. I had no idea what these meant (no one else seems to slow down) and every time I’d see one I’d think “I should probably look that up when I get home”. Well, after a month and a half, I’ve finally remembered to do just that.

These sign warn of upcoming potential hazards and give a recommended safe speed to switch to. Most relevantly, you cannot be penalized for choosing not to follow it.


Joe Mayer is depressed that the U.S. has set itself up to become a police state.

Keep in mind...

That in most jurisdictions, it’s up to the police what determines a safe speed to be driving in specific conditions. While, no, you won’t get a speeding ticket for doing 50 around a 35 MPH recommended corner, if you happen to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane because of that speed, even if there isn’t any traffic coming at the time, a police officer can pull you over and ticket you for unsafe or reckless driving. They don’t usually put up those recommendations for no reason whatsoever, and a fair number of those crosses and flowers that you see along the highways all over the US are very near curves where people chose not to follow those recommendations.

Not trying to be any kind of killjoy, but it’s just something to think about…

Thanks for the advice!

The problem is that it’s a fast moving two lane road where tailgating is endemic. To slow down as much as they want as fast as they want would end with an irritated, already aggressive driver on your tail or being out and out rearended.

So I do slow down… but not that much.


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