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OKAY SO Im going to label everyone in the group and You tell me if I am wrong or not!

Sora: Sensible, Brave, Thoughtful, Strong Will-Power, Tough

Ai: Kooky!, Fun, Expressive (express her emotions), Understanding

GrowingWings: Very Thoughtful About Life, Caring, Religious?, Trusting, Trustworthy

Choco: Outgoing, (somewhat) People Influenced, Music Loving, (little bit)Self-Conscious

Max?: Self-Conscious, Aaaa-dorable!, Doubtful, Amaazing <3

Anthony: Cool, Level-headed, (somewhat) Ganster-ish, Doesn’t Care What Others Think Of Him

Celest: Caring, Concerned, Thoughtful Of Outcomes, Strategetic

Queen: Caring, Understandin, Comfortable, Open to New Things

I would do me, but I will leave that to you guys!

The Colors are what I think mirror your personality (of the 4 choices). <3 you

Red = Self-Influenced
Blue = Self-Conscious
Green = Self-Aware
Black = Self-Confident


Chocolate_angel1 everything that is now possible was once impossible

Dead on especially bout the self aware!!


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