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Which for who?

I pulled out a bunch of postcards based on movie posters that someone gave me and started thinking about sending a few. Then I wondered how to match the movie with the man (or woman or child) receiving them. Who should get “Gone With the Wind”? And what does it say if you send someone a postcard from “The Graduate” or “Rebel Without A Cause” ? What are you saying about the person and how they live their life? Or are you saying anything?

Maybe I should pick up some postcards of the Bell Tower at U-M or downtown Ann Arbor on a summer’s evening. Those won’t have the double meaning that the movie poster postcards seem to carry.


If it is someone who you know loves movies, or loves postcards, they will LOVE the Movie postcards.

I might be wrong, but IMHO, getting a postcard is wonderful because it means someone was thinking about you.

If I got a postcard of donkey turds (pardon the visualization), I would love it because someone was thinking of me, and knew that it would make me laugh!!!

Now….if it is something very overt, like political, or such that I either think they are trying to convert me, or they just don’t know me…it would tick me off…...but the same can be said of emails….....
(it only takes 4 or 5 Obama bashing, or right-wing emails, before I lose my cool and respond with a very well thought out, well-researched response telling them more or less that they are a dumb ass. LOL-but I know I really wasted my time, because I won’t change there mind either) :)

wow… did I get on that rant?

Whoever gets your postcards are lucky! :)


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