post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 46 entries…)
Lets gert Personal,, shall we.... ??????????

Would you dare to answer , (how many people have you slept with) ??

“Inspired from the movie, What’s your number” ;)


красивейшая Богиня ♥ L’émeu - I long lost my ping at sea ♥

ha ha. No, I just now read the tattoo goal of yours.

Though 2 weeks back I did ask a question here about tattoos, but you avoided missed it.

The reactions you got for your goal were quite strong.

I think attitudes towards tattoos has so changed over recent decades.

Emus don’t believe in tattoos. Well, not on themselves anyway, but they do believe in tattooing the BlackKitty in the most inhumane, torturous way possible.

iamcarson Wag More; Bark Less!

Sorry I avoided missed your question. But lemme just say that I don’t believe in tattooed Emus either!


I want to:
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