moonsoul7 Rethinking wings. Pegasus would do

Design a Village (read all 3 entries…)
Summery of plan

We get the mermaids to help us find a high place in the water and get sand and rock and build an island. Once that happens the people who live on a farm can get animals to raise on the island.

More but that’s the gist


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Thought experiment

Since the assistance of mermaids has already been used, clearly a little imagination is allowed. Not sure how many mermaids it took to pile up the sand, but mermaids in great numbers are cable of doing a lot in just a little it of time.

moonsoul7 Rethinking wings. Pegasus would do

Ive seen it done. And with the help of other willing species we could get this done easy!

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There are people in Dubai, U.A.E. who would disagree with you AJ. They have the largest man-made islands in their gulf and they managed to craft some rather fantastical shapes of the islands that are visable from sattelite and “from space” as well.


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