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Long lost penpal.

When I was younger, I used to have so many pen pals all over the country. Writing has always made me feel good, but it’s kind of hard to maintain when I don’t have anyone in particular to write to. And my handwriting is slowly dying.
Going to the mail-box was so exciting when I knew it was a while since I sent my letters, and oh, the excitement when I received new ones! Nowadays I only receive bills and newsletters from organisations I support. I want to change that. Help me.


Biddly Bong oh what to do in a tiny canoe????

i'll write to u

i have a goal i wanna write 43 letters.
So if u want me to write u just email ur address.
I’m not doing virtual or e mails,just handwritten letters



Yes! I’d love that!


I want to:
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