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become more confident (read all 3 entries…)

It may seem obvious to everyone else, but over the last few days i have just realized that confidence is the key to doing anything in life. Confidence needs to come first before anything else can happen and if confidence is there then anything is possible. I’ve been listening to downloads to improve my self-confidence and it’s working, and as i become more self-confident everything else becomes easier – learning to drive, playing the ukulele, talking to people, tasks at work…..everything! life in itself becomes easier when you have confidence :)


Which downloads?

Hi Ruth, can you tell me what downloads you listen to? I would like to do the same thing.

RuthieRuth is changing

I’d recommend Marisa Peer – Increased Confidence and Self Esteem available from amazon
also available on Marisa Peers website ( but amazon is cheaper. It’s really good, very effective. She has a few other downloads and books which are good too. Defnitely check her out.


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