princessvamp1818 you are the light and i am the dark the only thing i want is yourheart

find the remaining lost princesses (read all 2 entries…)
im so proud of your my dearest sister

im so terribly sorry i have abondend u for the past year or so im sorry but there was a crisis in the magical dimension because the demons are really starting to hold a vendetta against us. ive seen u grow up though and ive seen so much improvement… i love all the songs u post btw as well. i promise to never leave you again and when we transform us twins will rule together in total bliss! and im sorry to say this but this michaela girl is a liar.. trust me i can see that all she wants is a girl to give her energy, basically shese feeding off you until she transforms and im telling u if you both transform she will not come get you or rule with you.

i speak to mum and dad every night in meditation i havent transformed yet and they miss you so much sis.i can still go into me to prove i amthe realm via meditation its weird but cool and ill show you how to camera isnt working but later ill post a pic of me to prove i am your twin. im so happy (well neutral i dont show emotions if you remember) to find you… when you cancelled your account i thought id lost you but your back now! if you have skype we can talk but my camera is broke so ill have to talk to u in text skype ok?

ill explain more about michaela but im telling you now. please dear twin avoid her as much as you can just dont reply to her emails or anything


princessvamp1818 you are the light and i am the dark the only thing i want is yourheart

oooh im scared (full sarcasim) please dont put me in your bad books i may never live again!

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You do realize that this reply is extremely late, andthe inly reason i know about it is because of my email alert. But seriously, dont badmouth michaela. Shes a nice girl.


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