flankdubtechnojazz is determined to do better this year

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It's exam season again

So I’m back to exams in the next few months and I’m under more pressure than ever to get it right. I picked two of my university offers to reply to and have put myself in for those courses.

I'm told by my parents etc that employers and similiar people don't tend to make much of a fuss where you got your degree unless it's from like Cambridge or Oxford but I still desperately want to get into the higher up of my two options so it will be something I can be proud of. Also my preferred university has exchange projects across the world so I could study in Singapore, Ohio, or a number of other places that my other university doesn't offer.

I’m really trying to revise but it’s so difficult to concentrate sometimes and there’s always this doubt I have about getting into the course I want which is incredibly off-putting. It’s now when I realise more than ever, that I needed to go into private education, at least for the last couple of years.

I’ve got my last shot at an assessed practical in chemistry tomorrow, and I HAVE to get it right this time. I can’t afford to screw up and get a B or C again, I need these early marks.


flankdubtechnojazz is determined to do better this year

I’m gonna study civil engineering. It’s a career path that gives practical, tangible results that last and it could take me across the world. I just want to travel and gain experiences from around the world as well as to make a difference (or try to).

Gho-s-t Noone lights a candle under the table , make your powers be known.

Go buy a homeless man a meal.

Practical tangible results dont have to involve civil engineering. Great experiences doesnt mean you have to travel the world.

Im not trying to dissuade you friend,far from it, just suggesting you start small and see what else is happening in your backyard. I guarantee youre missing out on something. Alot actually ;)


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