TajLV settling in to retirement, life is good

get a new cell phone
My old Nokia flip phone

is on its last legs. I stopped by the AT&T store yesterday and talked to a rep who told me I could get a new phone for $79.95 + a $36 upgrade fee if I signed a new contract and changed my basic rate plan. On the downside I’ll lose about 4,000 rollover minutes (that I’ll never use anyway) and be locked in for two years. On the upside I’ll have a reliable phone, save about $10 a month and get a $50 rebate (prepaid Visa Card). That means in seven months the new phone will have paid for itself. I am certainly going to consider it, although there are a lot of competitors out there offering a free phone with sign-up. This may take a bit more research. Credo has been soliciting my business forever (they’re on the Sprint network).


TajLV settling in to retirement, life is good

Virgin Mobile

has a couple of attractive options. I could get a Kyocera camera flip phone for $19.99 with their payLo plan for $30 a month, including 1,500 anytime minutes, 1,500 messages and 30MB web access. Or their unlimited web, data, messaging and email Beyond Talk plan costs just $35 a month, but the Android smartphone would be $89.99 or more. Why does this have be so dang complicated?

Virgin also uses the Sprint network; no contract required.


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