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Some things I think people should be doing when they are thirty-ish, or have done.

1) Read at least one great novel, and not because you were forced to read it.

2) Travelled somewhere by yourself.

3) Dumped one lover, and got dumped by one lover.

4) Owned and cared for a pet. By yourself.

5) Lived on your own for at least a year, and paid your own bills.

6) Did something major without asking anyone’s permission.

7) Experienced death in some form.

8) Experienced birth in some form.

9) Accepted some limitation about yourself.

10) Experienced utter failure at something that meant a lot to you.

11) Experienced utter success at something that meant a lot to you.

12) Changed your mind about something that you thought you really believed.

13) Changed something major about yourself.

14) Made a decision about your feelings about religion.

15) Made friends that did not know you from where you grew up.

17) Stood up for yourself.

18) Walked away from a person, a job, or a situation that you felt was beneath you.

What I would like is for people not to just answer yes or no, but to add a sentance if possible.

Then add something you think people should do by 30.


gottawonder Loves her tortoise!

I wasn't sure how to put it,

but I like toxic. It describes the effect of such a person or job well.


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