Sweet_Lemon is happy ;)

Learn Japanese

I guess I should add at least one entry here… :’D
Usually when I learn japanese I try to put my drawing skills to use. I have tablet (thanks to this I don’t waste paper) so I draw mini characters who say japanese words and perform actions – it helps me to remember everything. If I forget the word I just look at the picture and voila! ♡ :D
From left to right:
sugoi! – awesome! , nande? – why? , hai – yes, iie – no

atsui – hot, samui – cold, amai – sweet, koohii – coffee


Sweet_Lemon is happy ;)


Uhh you guys are lucky XD I also wanna learn japanese at school/university~! D-: (though I know it’ll never be possible XD)


I want to:
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