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Hoop 30/30 (April 8-May 8) (read all 8 entries…)

Today and last night, I’ve had amazing sessions.

I find myself getting into hooping most when; It’s raining, I have headphones in, or I’m using my LED. And the other night I was LED hooping with an MP3 in the rain!! Not to mention it was night, which is calming. It was seriously the best hooping session I’ve ever had! I really wish someone would’ve seen it because I’m sure it looked beautiful. It’s always amazing watching someone lose themselves to the music. Lasted a good hour (maybe more)
I was hooping to a shuffle of A Perfect Circle, 10 Years and Muse. I really was having fun hooping Muse, because all of their songs are so, for lack of better word, epic.
I also did that today as well, but it wasn’t raining and my LED lights didn’t last long, nevertheless I got my 30 minutes in.

I think every human should experience that in their life. Not just the feeling of complete bliss and peace, but that connection with music (hoop is suggested but optional). Not listening to it, but feeling it. Letting each beat and note move your body. It’s amazing.


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I'm feeling it too

Getting lost in the music & just loving it!!!
The LED hoops are so beautiful & the lights at night are just magical!


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