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47. Yellow-rumped warbler 4-22-12

What an exciting moment! I was looking up an Eastern phoebe, when on a nearby tree branch, spied this warbler! Striking black and white stripes. I almost could recognize it from reading bird guides. At least my mind kept repeating Dendroica and I realized the yellow shoulder patch was the key…required a little bit of sleuthing once I was home.

The white rather than yellow throat identified this as the eastern Myrtle form of the yellow-rumped warbler. Yellow throat is the western Audubon’s form.


Here are my awful pictures… the warbler would not cooperate even at close range :D


Hawk~ History's mystery

Today I saw

the first yellow-billed magpie of the season.

wembleyheads is swamped this semester

What a sleek bird!

And only found in California! I’ll have to find an oak savannah next time I’m in the Golden State :)

You can report your sighting on eBird if you are somewhat nerdy… or check their map of recent sightings:


I've looked for those

when I was traveling in central CA, but I’ve still never seen one :(

Hawk~ History's mystery

I don't see them often

Usually, only in the spring, and I don’t know why because they’re not migrating birds. They are really striking, the pic doesn’t do them justice. Besides the yellow beak, there are matching yellow rings around their eyes. And the blue in the photo is misleading. To a casual observer, they look black and white…until the light hits them just right, then you realize the “black” is really the deepest cobalt blue you’ve ever seen.


We have

lots of Black-billed magpies around here, but I’m still hoping to see a Yellow-billed someday!


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