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09 May 2012

♥ Being here, now

♥ Rainbows

♥ Cacao

♥ Vanilla

♥ Coconut water

♥ Organic strawberries

♥ My honey – he’s perfect for me, something I never even believed to exist: a soul mate… someone I was meant to meet in this life.

♥ Visiting places you’ve been to many times before, seeing that nothing has changed, everything has stayed the same – and maybe because of that it’s clear how much you have changed, could never go back to being the person you were when you last were to that place.


funchilde is improving. daily.

i so enjoy

and adore your entries!

sitruunapuu loves ♥

Thank you... much, that’s so sweet of you to say. :) ♥ I absolutely love your entries as well – you always find so much to be happy about!


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