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I’m starting in June. However, I might have to change plans (summer clases at uni in order to save time) and that’s why I’m not marking this as “done” yet. I believe this is more important since it has to do with my health. I’ve been having psychotherapy sessions for a while because of anxiety and depression. It’s key that I attend at least twice a month so that’s why I need the money. Therapy is not that expensive, but my parents are getting divorced and I don’t want these ‘extra’ expense to become a burden for them. Besides, asking them for money kinda hurts my pride lol, even though I know I can’t get a full time job because I’m still an undergraduate. It may sound stupid but I worked part-time for a few months before uni and I felt more secure and responsible. I miss that.


Good luck with your new job! :)

Thanks! :D


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